Exterior Dimensional Signs
Designed, manufactured and installed by our artists at Stokes Sign Co.

The Enclave Metal Circle Rusted
Stencil Cut Metal with Faux Finish
Custom fabricated blade sign with 1/2" dimensional letters
Flat Cut Bronze Lettering
Rusted Metal Letters austin texas
Brushed Silver Panel Barrel Mouted
Greenbelt signs austin texas
Rough Hollow Metal Letters
Melissa Furrow - Lk42441 - 3
Dimensional building sign
Painted Black and White Metal
metal ranch logo Austin, Texas
Hills Medical & Professional OfficesINV30601
Summer Classics INV-25201
Lit Metal Reverse Illuminated
Patina Finish Metal with Stencil
logo sign for ranch
Acrylic Lettering on Rusted Metal
The Grove Brushed Metal Lettering
Gold on Faux Finish Metal and Frame
Cut Metal Display
Cast Metal sign Austin
Push-Through Display
Close-Cut Wooden Sign
Raised Silver Lettering
states - HC Quality Services - lk17305
Arch Shaped Metal with Stakes
Raised Lettering on Rusted Metal
Raised Lettering and Circle Box
Framework Fabricated for Hanging
Printed Metal Sign on Building
Printed Router Cut Metal Exterior
Pedestrian Walkway Framework
Hanging wall sign Lake Travis
Reverse Illuminated Stencil Metal
Painted Metal on Wooden Post
Pedestrian Sign Downtown Austin
Flat Metal Lettering Exterior Rock
Box Sign
Metal Shaped Panels
Acrylic Lettering Flush Mounted
Rusted and Painted Panel
Flat Cut Metal Lettering
Router Cut Metal Painted
Steel Framework and Sign
Flat Metal Letters
Metal Panel on Monument
Painted Metal on Post
Raised Lettering Plaque
Painted Metal Lettering
Patina Metal Router Cut
Steel Tubing Painted Stakes
Steel Tubing Hangin Metal Sign
Raise Lettering Exterior Sign
Metal Lettering on Stone
Raised Lettering on Back Panel
Raised Lettering Monument
Acrylic Painted Name
Acrylic Display with Framework
White Lettering on Brick
Painted Entry Sign
Router Cut Rusted Panel
Raised Bank Lettering
Wooden Panel on Wood Stakes