Magnet Care Instructions

We recommend these tips to achieve maximum results from your magnetic signs:

  1. Always apply your magnetic signs to a smooth, clean, dry, flat surface. Never apply over molding or uneven surface.

  2. Remove your magnetics and clean the backs of the magnetics as well as the surface of the vehicle daily.

  3. Never apply your magnetics to a wet or icy vehicle.

  4. Remove your magnetics before cleaning vehicle.

  5. DO NOT Powerwash your magnetic signs.

  6. Magnetic signs will not adhere to any non-metal surface. This includes vehicle surfaces that are aluminum, fiberglass or have had repairs using Bondo.

Magnetics are temporary signs. They are not recommended for extended periods of time.

We warranty all magnets for fading or peeling for 1 year after production date. We do not warranty them if they tear or fly off of your vehicle.

Stokes Sign Company is not responsible for any damage to vehicles incurred during the use of magnetic signs