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Channel Letters

Channel Letters will capture the attention of any audience to direct business your way. With options in light direction and lettering, you are able to achieve the brand style to fit your company needs.

Use this guide as a tool in understanding some of the Channel Letter display and installation options we offer.



Face Illuminated

Face Illuminated is the result of LEDs as a light source projecting through a translucent acrylic face layer.


Our standard channel letters are fabricated with 3/16" cast acrylic faces, .040" aluminum pre-finished returns, and .063 aluminum backs. All of our trimmed faces are cured with infrared heat to ensure a superior acrylic bond.


Halo (Reversed) Illuminated

Reversed Channel - or "halo lit"/"back lit" - letters are finely crafted by our team of professionals who understand that quality comes first. Standard reverse letters are caulked, sanded, and painted to your color specifications.

Clear poly-carbonate (Lexan) backs are available as well as LED illumination.



Letters and/or logos cut from aluminum or acrylic, available in a variety of thicknesses. Non-Illuminated letters can be painted any custom color and studs applied.




Raceway mounts are raised from the mounting surface. We offer a 4.5" and 7" raceway (standard) made from aluminum. With provided PMS color, we will paint your raceway, mount, and wire the channel letters accordingly. 


Flush Mounted

Flush mounted signs are attached directly to any surface using the appropriate fasteners designed specifically for your needs. 


Stud Mounted

From plastic to metal, stud mounted letters are raised dimensional lettering or logos that have small threaded rods protruding from the back. Studs give signage additional dimension by adding space between the wall and channel letter.

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