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Colonial Post Assembly

Go with a sleek, professional look for your real estate listing with a white or black colonial post. Equipped with all of the necessary hardware, the colonial post set is ready for install at your convenience. Made from hollow aluminum, this lightweight product is both powder coated and rust resistant.


Stokes Colonial Post Installation

  1. Determine direction sign is to hang and install ground anchor with angle and bolts pointing in direction sign is to hang.

  2. Drive ground anchor into ground. A block of wood can be used to strike, if you wish. Anchor should be straight and driven all the way into ground. If ground is extremely hard or frozen, making a preliminary hole is recommended.

  3. Slip post over the ground anchor and secure with two lock washers and wingnuts as shown.

  4. Fasten cross arm post with bolt, lock washer and wingnut. 

  5. Insert eyebolts thru cross arm as shown. Install the two plastic rider holders if top riders are used and fasten with nut.

  6. Stainless steel safety pin clips attach sign to eyebolts.

Removing Post From Ground

When removing sign from the ground, disassemble first. Remove ground anchor by striking on each side several times to loosen. (In extreme conditions a slight prying may be necessary.)

Ground anchors will last longer if care is used in removing. Replacement ground anchors are available.

Please wear eye protection.

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